Chicago Covid-19 Timeline

Sophia Rodriguez
2 min readMar 16, 2021

The city of Chicago has seen an immense decrease in the number of daily Covid-19 cases and deaths within the last year of handling the pandemic. On January 30, 2020, The World Health Organization declared its first case of the coronavirus in the United States. It wasn’t until almost three months later, on March 13th where President Trump declared the pandemic. Quickly after on March 20th 2020, Governor JB. Pritzker decided that all of Illinois must enter a mandatory home lockdown, and shut down all non-essential businesses. Around this time the virus was still very new to everyone including citizens and medical workers. Due to the thousands of Americans that were out of work, it was necessary for the government to provide citizens with unemployment and a stimulus package, to compensate for the many days out of work. March 18–27, 2020, the $3.5 Billion Families First Coronavirus Response Act and $2.3 Trillion Aid Relief bill becomes law to provide stimulus and unemployment for all Americans who qualify. However, Chicago was still currently experiencing high numbers of positive cases and deaths. Reaching its peak of 224 deaths on December 11, 2020.

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It isn’t until we enter the vaccine phases, when we start to see the numbers of cases and deaths dramatically decrease. On December 15, 2020 Chicago enters the first phase 1A of distributing the vaccine to all essential healthcare workers. And on January 25, 2021 we entered phase 1B, which allows all frontline essential workers such as police, and citizens over 65 years of age to receive the vaccine. Because of the efficiency of the vaccine, as of recently March 15th 2021, we have seen a huge positive decrease in the number of daily deaths to now only 10 total compared to the peak of 224 deaths in December of 2020. If Chicago continues to provide its people with the proper vaccines, we will continue to win this battle against Covid-19.